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Alumni Stories

  • Robert Rocky F. Hill is running for Guersney County Sheriff for the 2021 term. He graduated from Hocking College in 1975 with an Associates Degree in Police Science. Since then, Hill has taught many law enforcement classes in Ohio, was a Chairman of the Guernsey County Child Protective Task Force, was a past president of the Jerry Dragosin Lodge 10 of the Fraternal Order of Police, and the list continues. He would love to further his career by being a county sheriff.

    robert hill sheriff-1

    Maureen (Moe) Michels graduated from Hocking College's Culinary Arts program in 1994. Her biggest achievement is opening her own food truck known as Chef Moe's on the Go. Moe travels to different venues and events, serving her made-to-order meals that everyone loves. 

    chef moe
  • Bonnie Proudfoot has taught at Hocking College for several years and has developed courses such as American Literature 2, Art Appreciation, and the Genre of Craft. Proudfoot is overjoyed to announce the release her new book "Goshen Road." It is about the lives and experiences of two sisters in West Virginia. The book showcases their personal adversities as well as the cultural changes in Appalachia over the time span of twenty years. "Goshen Road" will be sold at Target, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon for $19.95.

  • Emily Grable has a soft spot for sweets and a love of baking, and shows off her skills in two Canton, Ohio bakeries! This entrepreneurial young woman, owner of Hazel & Rye Artisan Bakery, hits the shop at 5 a.m. to begin baking for the day, including her signature macarons, fondant-decorated cakes, tarts and mousses.

  • Shelly Romine is Fairfield Medical Center's new Oncology Nurse Navigator. Her new title gives her the ability to help direct cancer patients and their families through unfamiliar treatments and care. More specifically, Romine will work as an advocate for breast and colon cancer patients at Fairfield alongside fellow oncology nurse navigator Ivy O'Neal. Romine graduated from Hocking College with an Associate Degree in Nursing and L.P.N. She then continued on to receive her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Ohio University.


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