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Powering Graduation

Graduation funds provide scholarships and other financial assistance to Hocking College students at risk of dropping out due to their financial situations.

In today’s knowledge-based economy, a college education can mean a stronger, more stable future. Hocking College students work hard toward that goal, but many need assistance. We recognize the diversity of our student population and our scholarship funds assist those students who have financial need and who show academic promise.

Many of our students work and have families to support while attending classes. An unexpected financial emergency – the loss of a job, a health crisis, rising rent or childcare costs – often forces a student to leave their dream of a college degree behind.


Power THE Passion

We are committed to providing our students with scholarships and other financial assistance, to maintaining a modern learning environment with up-to-date technology and to investing in the future of Hocking College. Your contribution today will Power THE Passion.