Ways to Give

Your donation to the Hocking College Foundation is an important investment in our community's future.

There are many ways you can contribute. The following information may help you decide the type of donation you'd like to make and how you may benefit from the tax advantages associated with certain types of charitable donations.

Outright Gifts

Gifts of cash, appreciated securities (shares of stock or mutual funds), or other property provide immediate financial assistance to students and projects.


A pledge is a formal Declaration of Intent to make a gift to the foundation. It may be followed by an immediate gift, or may confirm your intention to make a gift in the future. Many donors choose to complete their gift pledge by making regular payments over a five-year pledge period.

Gifts in Honor, Gifts in Memory

Gifts may be made in honor or memory of a loved one, friend or colleague, or business, or to commemorate a special occasion.

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An endowment is a fund that is set-aside for a specific purpose. The principal of the gift is invested and earnings are used to fulfill the purpose of the endowment. A gift to an endowment demonstrates your long-term commitment.

Planned Giving

Planned gifts are gift arrangements that have specific tax advantages and often include lifetime income to the donor or a beneficiary named by the donor. A planned gift maximizes your giving potential and can even allow you to ensure your future financial security or that of a loved one.

Learn more about planned giving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Hocking College need to raise private dollars?

Hocking College (Hocking) is fortunate to receive support from student tuition and the State of Ohio. However, shrinking levels of funding are inadequate to address the challenges of meeting the needs of Hocking's diverse student population and fueling the regional workforce. And these traditional funding sources are expected to continue their downward trend.

Additionally, Hocking is committed to keeping tuition affordable for students. With federal Pell grants for students in question, rising student loan rates and an alarming number of loan defaults, we want to do everything possible to ease the financial burden of our students.

What are the campaign's major areas of interest?

Based on identified needs, the campaign will provide support for the following student-centered initiatives:

  1. Powering Graduation - these funds will provide scholarships and other financial assistance to Hocking College students at risk of dropping out due to their financial situations.
  2. Powering Tomorrow's Workforce - funds will be used to provide Hocking students the skills and expertise to compete in an economy increasingly focused on high-tech careers.
  3. Powering Future Generations - with nearly 50 years of success, your gift today will Power THE Passion at Hocking College for generations to come.

Why should I support a state supported institution?

State support provides funding for the basic services and operational expenses at Hocking College. The college receives 40% of the college budget from the State of Ohio, while student tuition makes up 60%. Previously state support was 60% and student tuition 40%. This shift infunding has increased the financial burden on the students for whom the community and technical college system was created. Raising philanthropic dollars will help reduce the burden on students and families. The current financial burden is too much for many, and often causes students to leave college before earning their degrees.

In partnership with community leaders, Hocking College works to address regional and community needs and meet community challenges. Private funds are used to create and maintain access to high quality programs and services to assist in economic development and to meet the diverse learning styles of a student body that reflects the changing demographics of our community.

Is my campaign contribution to the HC Foundation tax deductible?

Yes. The Hocking College Foundation is a non-profit organization designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization. A receipt will be furnished for each contribution.

Will my contribution make a difference?

Yes. Your contribution can make a major difference in the life of a Hocking College student. A gift of any size can help a student with tuition, fees, books, childcare, and other college-related expenses; by providing affordable access to quality, hands-on education and training, preparing students for the workforce; and can guarantee Hocking College is here for the future generations of Southeastern Ohioans. While Hocking College tuition and fees are lower than that of other colleges and universities in our area, the cost is still a barrier for many of our region's students and families.

How does the college impact the region's workforce?

A thriving economy is synonymous with a skilled and adaptable workforce. Hocking College graduates are the foundation of the region's workforce. They enforce our laws; build, repair, and program our computers; sell our goods and services; care for our sick and elderly; design our homes, roads and businesses; teach our children and provide financial and business services. Hocking College alumnus are also our civic leaders, serving on boards and in elected positions that shape the fabric of our communities.

Additionally, as the second-largest employer in the community, Hocking College's employees are community members themselves. They contribute greatly to the economy of the region.

Are named giving opportunities available during the campaign?

Yes, there are opportunities to make investments in the name of the donor or in memory of or to honor someone else. A list of named investment opportunities is available and these opportunities should be discussed with Foundation personnel.

In what form may contributions be made?

Contributions may be made in the form of cash, securities, personal property or other designated pledges. We urge donors to discuss with their tax consultants or financial advisors, as well as with our Foundation to determine the kind of contribution that will best suit their personal circumstances and most benefit them as well as students and the college. Contact the Hocking College Foundation or visit Ways to Give for more information.

Will the campaign accept multi-year commitments?

Yes, pledges enable contributors to realize optimal tax savings and to make a more significant investment in Hocking College than might be possible with a one-time cash contribution. This campaign will continue for a five-year pledge period. All investments will be gratefully received and properly acknowledged.