Events & Volunteering

The Hocking College Foundation coordinates a number of campus, alumni and donor events each year. Register (LINK) for The Hocking College Times so you don't miss any of these fantastic events.

Mark your calendar now for Hocktoberfest! Hocktoberfest is the first weekend in October and is the Hocking College Homecoming, Family Weekend and Harvest Festival all rolled into one music, food and entertainment filled weekend. An alumni and retiree dinner is held Saturday evening to honor Hocking College alumni and retirees, and Family Weekend events include bounce houses, demonstrations from the Hocking Woods Nature Center, and other fun, such as games and magicians.

In addition to coordinating a variety of campus, alumni and donor events, the Hocking College Foundation coordinates campus volunteer opportunities. Hocking College has many areas where assistance is needed. Individual or group help can go a long way.

  • Work with Hocking College Foundation to organize a fundraising event or organize a group to provide labor for a variety of projects.
  • Volunteer to help coordinate and run Hocktoberfest – our annual Homecoming celebration.
  • Help with Student Center events, including Commencement: Volunteers, mentors and support are appreciated at events and programs throughout the academic year.
  • Support on- and off-campus recruiting events: Volunteers who can help set up and staff booths and distribute information are needed.
  • Volunteer at Robbins Crossing Historical Village. Volunteers are needed regularly on weekends when the village is open and for normal maintenance operations.
  • Assist with programming, animal care and maintenance at the Hocking Woods Nature Center.
  • Lake Snowden: The park requires regular maintenance including painting, building, litter control, timber maintenance and general upkeep.

Hocking College enrolls more than 4,000 students annually on its 2,300-acre campus. The college operates two branch campuses: Perry Campus in New Lexington and Logan Campus in Logan, along with Lake Snowden near Albany. With these advantages, there are endless opportunities. Consider Hocking College as an option for service learning and volunteer projects. Contact us for ideas on how to get involved.

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