Ryan's Story

On September 24, 2010, alumni Ryan Seitz '04 was killed in the line of duty. Last year, a Dist-inguished Service Award from the Vinton County Fire Department and community was presented to Seitz's family as a way to remember his remarkable sacrifice.


Janelle's Story

Hocking College graduate Janelle Hicks '94, began serving as the Interim Chief Nursing Officer in early December at Hocking Valley Community Hospital.


Faye's Story

Faye Bader '10, Equine program graduate, believes her experience at Hocking College was unfor-gettable. Bader grew up in New Jersey with almost no experience in agriculture. She found her place in Hocking College through the 2007 Wilderness Horsemanship Pack Trip, which she said was one of the best decisions and experiences of her life.


Martin's Story

Martin "Marty" Floyd '73 graduated in Recreation and Wildlife Management. He began his career working for Arkansas State Parks, the Little Rock Natural History Museum and the Little Rock Zoo. In 1981, Floyd began working for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service in Louisiana and then became the biologist on the Water Resources staff at the state office in Alexandria, Louisiana. After 34 years with the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service, Floyd retired.


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