Tom's Story

Hocking College Alum Tom O'Brien has taken his education and given it back to students. O'Brien graduated from Hocking College in 1986 with an Associate Degree in Fire Emergency Services. Only days after graduation, O'Brien started work with the Newark, Ohio Fire Department, where he has remained for 28 years.

O'Brien is currently Assistant Fire Chief for Newark, overseeing and managing operations and running shifts with four stations. Additionally, O'Brien is an Accredited Chief Fire Officer by the Center of Public Safety.


Along with his work for the fire department, O'Brien has also been teaching students studying Fire Emergency Services at Hocking College for 20 years.


"Take advantage of the experience and quality of education the instructional staff has to offer. There really is no place like Hocking that gives students so much hands-on experience to learn with," O'Brien tells his students.

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