Colleen's Story

Colleen Pendergast, a graduate of Hocking College Culinary program has worked her way up the career ladder and reached the top, being promoted to head chef at Rivage Atlantique in Worthington, Ohio.


After Hocking College Pendergast started a job at Shawnee Country Club, where she continued to use her talents until she became a banquet chef in 2006. Her passion for the culinary arts continued to drive her to become a lead line chef at G. Michael's in German Village and continue on to become a sous chef at Mezzo Gahanna.

Pendergast plans to continue the traditional menu at Rivage Atlantique, keeping the customer favorites that have proven the test of time, such as the local favorite shrimp and grits. Some of her own unique attributes to the menu will also stay with Pendergast's promotion this year.

"I played a key role in the daily specials. Some dishes, like the beet salad, were mine," Pendergast explains. 

Pendergast claims she is planning on adding new items to the menu as well, including some café-style "half-plate" seafood dishes. 

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