Mike's Story

Mike Budzik graduated in 1975 leaving Hocking College with an Associate Degree in the Applied Science of Recreation and Wildlife, as well as a degree in Forestry.

He grew up with a strong passion for the outdoors and all wildlife that inhabit it.  His interest motivated him through his education at Hocking and to his first career with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife after graduation. He later held a position as Area Manager of the Delaware Wildlife Area, District Private Lands Biologist in Southeast Ohio and Assistant Administrator of Wildlife Management and Research.

His career achievements include awards from the Ohio House of Representatives, Ohio Senate, the Woods and Water Conservation Association and the League of Ohio Sportsman. He also had the opportunity to visit the White House to meet the President and First Lady of the United States.

Budzik resides in Logan with his wife and two daughters. He now serves as a member of the Hocking College Board of Trustees and continues to fuel his passion by working in the environmental field. He is incredibly grateful for the experiences he received from his classes and the immense amount of support he was offered by his instructors while attending Hocking.

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