Shelly's Story

Fairfield Medical Center has recently announced Shelly Romine as their new Oncology Nurse Navigator. Her new title gives her the ability to help direct cancer patients and their families through unfamiliar treatments and care. More specifically, Romine will work as an advocate for breast and colon cancer patients at Fairfield alongside fellow oncology nurse navigator Ivy O'Neal.


Tom's Story

Hocking College Alum Tom O'Brien has taken his education and given it back to students. O'Brien graduated from Hocking College in 1986 with an Associate Degree in Fire Emergency Services. Only days after graduation, O'Brien started work with the Newark, Ohio Fire Department, where he has remained for 28 years.


Colleen's Story

Colleen Pendergast, a graduate of Hocking College Culinary program has worked her way up the career ladder and reached the top, being promoted to head chef at Rivage Atlantique in Worthington, Ohio.


Bill's Story

Hocking and Ohio University Alumni Bill Sego has just announced the publication of his new book, "Universal Logic: What is the True Meaning of Life?" Sego, a native of Logan, Ohio, was secondary history education major with a focus in philosophy. He has attended numerous events covering a large variety of philosophic theories.


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