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Powering Tomorrow

Tomorrow’s Workforce funds will be used to provide Hocking students the skills and expertise to compete in an economy increasingly focused on high-tech careers.

It’s no secret that highly skilled workers will fuel the 21st Century economy. That’s why we’re working directly with employers and industry experts to align our course and program offerings with current needs and plan for tomorrow’s demands.

Hocking College programs have always been built around real world experience. As our economy increasingly demands high-skilled labor, it is more important than ever that our students have the quality environments and up-to-date equipment needed to prepare them for a productive career.

In addition to individual success, an educated workforce drives a strong economy. A competitive, well-educated labor pool can be the difference between bringing new companies to a community or region, and losing them to another area. Powering the right education and skills means economic vitality and a better quality of life for the communities we touch.

Power THE Passion

We are committed to providing our students with scholarships and other financial assistance, to maintaining a modern learning environment with up-to-date technology and to investing in the future of Hocking College. Your contribution today will Power THE Passion.